Today is the day of Alice wondof's memorial, she was the school gossip girl until one day she got what she had coming. Her mom Delilah wondof was hysterical. Since the school was holding it it was mandatory to attend. All the girls were crying except one,her name was Syrena she was known as one of the "emo" or "goth" kids. She didn't talk outside of her friend group which were all guys. One time she ended up a topic of talk in school. The whole thing started with a simple rumor that she was cutting that rumor was true then another this time it being that she had screwed every guy in her friend group. She wore black skirts all the time so everytime a jock walked by her they would try to flip it up she eventually had to have her guy friends walk with her all the time. So as soon as Alice was murdered everyone suspected Syrena she paid her respects. the next day she was called into the principals office, the police where there and questioned her but she had a solid alibi the police asked "Where were you at 10:30 p.m on Friday night?" syrena responded quietly "I was with Ryan" "where were you guys?" "we were at his apartment" "doing?" "Hanging out" "what do you mean?" "swimming" "was anyone else there?" "what do you mean?" "with you and Ryan?" "no"

Story is told by tragedy princess