This story is fiction, and no COPYWRITE intended

When i was little, maybe about 11 or 12, me, my older brother who was about 14 at the time, my mother, and my father moved from our farm house in Houston Texas, to a cabin house in Kiser West Virginia. The cabin was located in an isolated area, right in the middle of woods. The road to go to the mainland was probably 5 miles from our house and the nearest house was probably 10-15 miles away.

We took about a week to get unpacked and settled into our new house. My mom finally let me play outside! I was so excited because i was always adventurous, and loved to explore. It was around four o clock when i heard a whistle coming from the direction of which looked like a path that led through the woods. I followed the noise, thinking it was a bird. Once i got to the place the noise came from, i heard another whistle further down the path. These whistles, and my following continued until i got to the end of the path, which was met by a tea set. There was one cupcake and a cup of what looked like milk. Me being so young, thought nothing of it and sat down on the log chair and ate and drank the food that was provided. I soon felt like i was being watched and i got creeped out. I finished my food and headed back down the path to my house, but i felt like i was being........followed?
I turned around to see a clown statue. I then thought, 'that wasnt there when i came up the path??' I just shrugfed it off thinking i just didnt notice it. I caught myself staring at those realistic looking eyes, just waitinf for them to blink. Again, i got a feeling it was like, watching me back - or something, so i kept moving forward down the path. Again, not even thirty seconds later, i felt someone, or something following me. I turned around to see about five clown statue things, all wearing different, but creepy clown costumes. 'No' i thought, 'there just.....statues....right?' I got scared and ran. I heard rustling and whistles behind me, but i got to scared to turn around. I busted through the door of my house crying alarming my parents and brother. I couldnt make any other noise then crying. This bothered my parents so they looked outside to see why i was upset. My dad looked out the back window, in the direction u was at to see a clown. "Honey....is that...a.....clown?"
My mom then got up from comforting me and went over to my dad. I followed my mom to see what they were looking at. I looked at both of them in fright saying, " t-that....chased m-"
I couldnt even finish my sentence before i felt like throwing up. I teied to go to on the garbage can but it was to late. My lunch and everything i ate before and after was on the ground along with a white cloth, with black writing on it. My father carefully picked through the throwup to get the cloth. It read 'Get Out'. I then felt lile gagging, lile there was something stuck in my throat. I then started pulling something from my throat, while my mom and dad are freaking out trying to help in the best why possible. I spit the thing out and it was another note. It read 'Run'. My stomach was hurting so much. My mother then asked me, "honey...did you happen to....eat anything...outside?"
I then slightly nodded. "T-t-there w-was a cupcake, a-a-and m-milk......"
My mom then sighed deeply before feeling my stomach around and asking questions. "Does thos hurt? Is your head okay, does that hurt? Are there any pains anywhere or does anything feel funny or weird?"
I was about to tell her my stomach is in pain but my dad interupted me.
"Uhm.....babe.....theres..uhm well c-clowns....outside....with what looks like flameguns?"
"WHAT?" My mother screamed she then looked outdide and screamed "SH*T".
I was confused. And all the sudden my head hurt worse. And i smelled smoke. Wait...smoke?
i then passed out.
I woke up ina strange room. It had all my stuff in it...but, it wasnt my room.
About five years have passed since then, and we live in a little neighborhood in ohio, and everytime i bring up that event, my family would just tell me that never happened, or that i just dreamt it. They said the same thing when my little sister died in a house fire about seven years ago. Thats the reason why we moved to west virginia - well, atleat thats what i thought, but my brother and parents would always tell me that never happened and that we always lived in this house we lived in, that i never had a sister, and im just dreaming every bad thing that happened to us.
Maybe...it is just a dream.
Maybe...this is a dream.
Maybe...there right....and i AM insane.
Maybe...thats why right now im in a mental hospital, writing everything down.
Maybe...this is just another bad dream. And then ill wake up....right?

Story is told by Vanna J