On the first of May. It all started with patient zero. Which was a local farmer who was sent to a hospital after his wife claimed that he had a terrible headache and a high fever but after he recovered from his illness. The farmer was sent home but only for the illness to grow stronger. One night he began to grow into a violent behavior and the farmer's wife did call the police but by the time the officers arrived. They found the woman laying on the floor with her stomach ripped wide open and her intestines on the floor. However it wasn't long until they found the farmer holding his wife's small intestines in his hands.

However this was only the first report. The second report was in the mall and it was one of the worst incidents have occurred. The incident first started when a man was scratching himself so much that his skin was peeling away like peeling a skin off of a potato and then he tackled a woman that was walking by with her six year old daughter and bite deep into her shoulder. The woman's daughter screamed in fear but no one seem to responded. The girl looked as she saw the other people rolling their heads around while twitching slightly. But then they began attacking each other like wild animals.

Story is told by HellionLegion


It is Necro virus. I just forgot my password