It was six years ago since it happened and I still remember of what happened. My name is Travis and here is the story of what happened and what I saw.

It was October 2nd, 2013 and I was helping my dad at his job. Me and my dad were placing drywall on some holes in the walls and clean up whatever mess there is. However while we were doing our job on one old house that seem to hazardous due to the decaying floors and stairs. Even the walls were rotting away as the time goes by. My dad looked around and said.

"We need to be careful of where we step."

When my dad said that I was a bit nervous because the thoughts of the house collapsing above us or end up breaking our spines if one of us fall through the floors. My dad opened the door to the basement and looked inside. I took a small glimpse of the basement and the room was engulfed by darkness. My dad walked to the outside porch where all of the equipment and tools are at. As I waited for my dad to walk back. I started to hear footsteps coming from upstairs and I looked up at the ceiling above me where the footsteps are coming from.

My dad walked back in with a flashlight in his. I looked at him as I heard his footsteps.

"Dad?... Is anyone else here with us?" I asked

"No son, It's just us two in the house." He respond with a confused expression on his face.

Story is told by NecroVirus


Pretty cool. good set up for another story.


Really spooky and interesting


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