(my version of the chocking doberman)

There once was a family a rich family they had a buttler but they tortured him until one day they took it to far the wife of the rich man shuved a finger down the buttlers throat causing him to chock and die the butler was very young he was 29 yrs old no one was at he's funeral 3 days
pass the husband and wife get a call a person "Says he's grave was digged up and his tombstone says he's coming for you" then the caller laughs historically

The wife quickly puts the phone down this time the laughter is outside the house they lock all the doors but then the wife hears her husband scream she runs to him and sees someone cut off his fingers one by one the wife then runs up the stairs gets in their room and she boards up the doors

She then hears knocking on the window when she looks out she sees words written in blood saying
"I'm inside the closet"
She then turns around to the closet and it's wide open she feels breathing on her neck she turns around slowly and he's on their bed smiling he then holds her arm and starts cutting her fingers she begged him not to do it but the buttler laughed and said
"Oh isn't it sweet seeing people beg for their live"
he then cut s her fingers

Police arrive due to a call of a neighbor next door hearing screams Police then see the husband and wife with no fingers holding hands hanging from the chandelier
police look closer to find a note written in blood saying
"I did your job there's your suspect"

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


imagination took over

Vanna J

Wait,how were they holding hands if they had no fingers?