Sitting at my table, tapping my fingers on the artificial wood of the desk listening to my teacher talk about physics,There was a knock on our classroom door. Everyone assumed it was the counselor giving us our daily lesson every Wednesday. Instead, the principal had walked through the door with two students. One was a boy, the other a girl. "Class, I would like you to welcome Reed and Emery Jones." The principal had said. Everyone waved at them, except me. The teacher had told Reed and Emery to sit by me, both in each side of me. "Annelise, I want you to become good friends with Reed and Emery, ok?" My teacher had said. I just looked at her with a glare.

School had ended and I started walking home. I could hear footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw them. "Can you go away? You guys are really creepy." I had yelled. Emery had crossed her arms with an mean look on her face. She had walked up towards me, Reed following behind her. "Who gave you the right to talk to us like that?" Emery and said. "What?" I was so confused. "Watch what yourself could get in to talking to us like that, we arnt like others."

Part 2 coming soon.

Story is told by VbMaily


cool. excited for pt 2. thanks.