Laurent was a adorable child, bright blue eyes, gold hair, beautiful pale skin, always wore pink. Everywhere she went strangers awwed at her, Laurents parents were so proud of her. Perfect grades, so many friends, she had everything she wanted. Her life was perfect. Until one day...October 22nd 2006, Laurent Was hanging around with her friends. They found a abandon old castle, her friends dared her to go in, “I’ll go in only if you’ll be in right behind me” she said trying to hide a giggle. So they all went in, only a couple feet in the castle, Laurent noticed that it was oddly quiet, her friends loved to talk, she didn’t ever think they could shut up. She turned around her friends were gone. There was nothing but a blood trail, leading into a room.

She slowly followed the bloody trail, and walked into the room, she couldn't believe her eyes. The room was damp with blood, her friends were hanging, she at least thought were her friends until she saw what looked like a empty corpse on the ground, she looked back up. It wasn’t her friends, well it was, her friends organs in a bloody plastic bag, bloody on the inside and out. Hanging there, all four friends. Laurent fell to her knees Billy, Jack, Sun, Jessy. All dead, Laurents sobbs echoed throughout the big empty room, a sound broke the moment, it sounded like footsteps. Laurent slowly turned, a bucket if fear poured on her. There in the darkness was one white dot, it came closer, Laurent was to scared to move.

Laurent finally realised how close the figure was, and flashed the light at it, she regretted that. The mysterious dot had a face, but it had no skin, and tore up muscle she cloud see the skull, which was busted open revealing a horribly bashed brain. Laurent screamed and scooted back, it came closer. And closer, and closer.

Story is told by NyakoDere