This is a english story if your scared just delete the app. Lol just a joke. Let's begin
There was a boy named Ben he lived in a house with his family. But Ben's family kept a secret and never told Ben about it. Ben was really wondering why is there always a key in the closet. He looked at the basement but it was locked. He asked his mother why there's always a key in the closet and the basement was always lock. His mother did not answered his question. His mother looked at him and said "just go to your room and do not remind the basement" Ben went to his room. Saying something strange about his self. He looked at his toys moving. Ben was really shocked. He ran away and locked his room. He quickly go to his mom and said "mom my toys is moving!!" his mother didn't believe him. He sat down in the chair and began to whisper himself
"it's confusing why my toys are moving?" he began to throw his toys. At night he went to his room and saw a woman crying. He locked the room. He said " this is just a nightmare."

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Next was part 2

Story is told by ItzCakeAndTea

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