Today I was playing with my cousin
And I said to my cousin "Hey I'll just go to the bathroom" then she nods.
I was done in the bathroom. I washed my hand. Then i looked at the mirror I saw blood on my finger.
Then I turned on the sink. Then i saw blood. I was shocked. I quickly close the sink then I quickly go out in the bathroom.

I tell my cousin what happened when i was in the bathroom. We checked it out. We turned on the sink then. It turns to water. I'm probably confused. My cousin said
"that's probably your imagination"
I said to my cousin "Your right" then the lights turned off then someone poked me. I said to my cousin
"hey can you turn on the lights?"
She said "I-it's not working!"
Maybe it's just a brownout!!
Then we tried to open the door
We can't open it. My cousin cries cuz she thought that We are stuck in the bathroom forever. I said
"oh no, i forgot! My phone"
Cousin says "we have to scream for help!!" I said "wait."
My cousin says "what! Let's just do it!!" i said "NO" She says "Why?!"
I said "You remembered what i say?" She was so quiet. I said
"do not scream because someone will nail your mouth?" she said "yes.." We we're so quiet then the door opened. I said "see? It worked" she said "yep it worked"
We came downstairs.. We're confused. Mom and my aunt is not here. We go to our room and saw blood everywhere. I said "This is a Nightmare! It can't be!" I am confused But my cousin was gone I saw a lady hanging upside down
A rope is around her neck. Someone pokes me I looked behind. I saw my cousin holding s knife. Then she kills me. I woke up i was in hospital. Well this is for today now bye..!

Story is told by ItzCakeAndTea