Today I got My cousins freaked out. By a prank. I went on my room to play some video games. 10 minutes I hear a sudden noise. I went out my room and go outside. It was cold out there. I went back to my room to get my jacket. Suddenly the closet opened up. I checked it out but nothing is in there. I opened up my phone to tell my cousins what happened. Then they visit me to not make me be alone... 1 day I go outside. I hear noises outside. But all peoples runs away from me. I don't know why!! So i went back inside to tell mom. Then i said. "mom why everyone is running away from me?" mom was just standing looking at me. I got freaked. I locked my door. Suddenly, i hear footsteps. I was so confused why i always hear sudden noises. One day I go outside. I was beside a cemetery. I saw a lady. I stared at her. I saw what happened at the past. I went to the library to find urban legend books. We moved at a house i didn't hear sudden noises. So, someday i check all rooms, cause someday i freak out!! I tell my cousins to visit me. I tell what happened then they listened to me. We we're silent, and heard a laugh from a little girl. We checked rooms. A little girl stared at us with a creepy face we screamed too loudly and locked that room. We talked about it. "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" then i said " I don't know!!" my other cousin says "we'll just go outside to make us feel better okay?!" then we nod. We go outside then nothing happens. We go back inside. No sudden noises and No creepy laugh from a little girl. We moved to a apartment. I graduated. After i graduated. Nothing happens to that apartment so we lived silent and happy now.

Story is told by ItzCakeAndTea