As a child you hear things at night and think its your imaginaton. We'll not me, because I know when its my mind and when its not. My house is basically a house for all those ghost. But sonetimes they can... we'll... uhm... I'll explain. I was once in my bed trying to fall asleep but i couldn't for some reason, so i decided that I would play that game that my friend told me about. The game is you have to knock on the wall three times and say, 3 knocks and your dead 3 times. If you hear 3 knocks your going to die. So I knock 3 times on my wall and said three times, 3 knocks and your dead. I waited and waited and waited, but nothing happened so I laughed and off and turned on done side ti go to sleep. But then I heard 1 knock, than 2 knocks. I started to get scared because I knew If I heard 1 more knock I would die. Then I heard the last knock. I sat there in silence and looked in my hallway to see a little girl in a red dress with her long black hair covering her face. I started to cry because she said 3 knocks and your dead.

Story is told by Ghost girl 78

Ghost girl 78

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