5. Bloody Mary.

This obe tells the story of a ghost of a girl named Mary. For some reason (the reason is different from story to story), her spirit is trapped in the mirror world. Many people have tried to summon her by facing a mirror (a bathroom mirror is often used) in a dark room and chant "Bloody Mary" a number of times (either three, five, or thirteen times). Then it is said that her face would appear in the mirror and it is also said that she would try and break through it and attack the person who had summoned her. The only way of banishing her back to the mirror world is to turn the lights back on. In some versions, you'll need to light some candles before you start summoning.

4. The Viper.

This one tells the story of a woman who lives alone in a small apartment. One day she gets a call from a creepy person who calls himself the Viper. He says that he'll see her soon. The woman is scared by this but thinks that it's just a prank. But hours later, the same caller calls her again. Saying that he's on his way up to her room. The woman is now terrified and calls the police. They say that they'll send a car to her place as soon as they can. When the door bell rings, the woman opens it expecting the police. But instead finds a small creepy man standing on her door step. "I am the Viper!" he said "I vish to vash and vipe your windows for twenty dollars"

3. The Gecko.

In this one, a man is living in a apartment which has a bad cockroach infestation. But he cannot afford an exterminator to try and get rid of them. But then a friend of his suggest that he should get a reptile that eats insects. A gecko to be precise. So the man buys a gecko and soon it's eating the cockroaches. But it begins to grow larger every day until it is the size of an alligator. And without any more cockroaches around, it turns on the man. Soon the police arrived to discover an abnormally large gecko that has died from being over fed. And that its owner was its last meal.

2. The Hitchhiker.

A driver is on they way home one rainy night, until they come across a hitchhiker. Seeing that it's raining, the driver gives them a lift. They then drive for sometime until they have reached the place where the hitchhiker wanted to go. The driver dropped the hitchhiker off and was about to continue on their way when they discover that the hitchhiker had left something behind (the item veries from version to version). The driver then takes the item and goes to find the hitchhiker on foot. Only to discover that the place where the hitchhiker had entered was a graveyard. And while trying to find them, the driver comes across a grave stone with the hitchhiker's name on it. It turns out that the hitchhiker was a ghost all the long.

1. The Donkey Lady.

In the US state of Texas, there is a legend of a hideous deformed human known as the Donkey Lady. Her back story is different from story to story. In some versions, she was a married woman who was caught cheating by her husband. In others, she was an outcast that nobody liked. But in all of them, she was set on fire when she was asleep. And she was burned alive and became physically deformed. Her fingers and toes fused together that resembled hooves, her face got long and saggy, she can no longer walk upright, and can only communicate by a noise that resembles a donkey's screech. So now she no longer resembles a person but a horrible donkey/human hybrid. They say that her ghost haunts the rivers and bridges of Texas, searching for those who have set fire to her. So that she will finally get her revenge.

Story is told by Gary Matrix