I Was About 15 Or 17 At The Time Of This Incident. I Used To Have This Classmate Named Jezebel. Jezebel's Life Was Basically Similar To The Film "Carrie". Her Parents Were Abusive And Religious. She Had Pale Skin And Her Hair Was Brown And Frizzy. My Other Classmates Were Afraid Of Jezebel So They Just Avoided Her. Except, For These Girls Who Loved To Bullied Her. They Were My Best Friends, Rachel, Annalise, Andie, Alison, And Gwen. They Would Torture Her And Call Her Names. One Time They Even Beated Her Up In The Girls Locker Room. I Started To Feel Bad For Jezebel. No One Shouldn't Be Treated This Way. So One Day I Sat Down Next To Her At Lunch. She Greeted Me With A Shy Hello. I Responded. I Asked Her If I Could Sit Down Next To Her. She Accepted. We Talked Until Lunch Time Was Over. Before I Left The Table Jezebel Asked Me Her Name. I Responded Saying "My Name Is Starla". As I Walked Back To Class Rachel Gave Me This Death Stare. As I Sat Down At My Desk, Everyone Avoided To Sit Next To Me So I Sat Next To Jezebel. After School, My Friends Came Over To Jezebel And Beated Her Up. Rachel And Gwen Grabbed Me And Started Smothering Me. They Had These Angry Faces And They Started To Yell At Me For Hanging Out With Jezebel. "What Is Wrong With You Starla, Gwen Yelled"?. "I Can't Believe You Betrayed Us, Rachel Yelled".
I Got Up And Punched Gwen And Pushed Rachel I Ran Out Of The School And Once I Got Out Of School And Called Out Jezebel's Name. No Answer. I Called Out Her Name Again. No Answer. The Next Day After School, I Was Walking In The Woods And Came Across A Body Covered In Leaves. I Uncovered The Leaves And Found Jezebel In A Pool Of Blood. I Turned Around And Saw Alison With A Gun. "That Will Teach Her Not To Steal One Of Our Friends, Alison Said And Walked Away". I Called Police. They Said This Case Was A Homicide. I Was Scared And Mad. I Started Crying And Avoided My Friends And Anyone Else. Months After Jezebel's Murder, I Started Becoming An Outcast. But That Didn't Stop Me From Going To The Dance With My Boyfriend. At The Prom, Everything Was Going Well Until Strange Things Started Happening. The Lights Started Flickering And Students Were Reporting Being Found Murdered In The Girls Locker Room. The Music Started To Change To Frank Sinatra Music. The Lights Began Flickering So Fast That Students Were Lying On The Floor. I Could Hear My Name Being Whispered. Starla Starla Starla. I Just Kept Hearing It Until A Scary Shadow Appeared. I Turned Around And To My Surprise It Was Jezebel. She Told Me That This Wasn't My Fault And Everything Is Just Fine. She Disappeared And All Of A Sudden The Lights Were Still And People Weren't Dead And They Were Dancing. I Was Terrified And Confused. Was This A Hallucination Or Was This Just Real. To This Day I Still See The Shadow Of Of Jezebel. . But Remember Don't Mess With Jezebel Or She'll Torture You Unless Jezebel's Friends

Story is told by JasOf1920

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