They say that if you whistle at night, the spirits will think that you're calling for them.

That is what my friend said. But I laughed and said that she was superstitious. But one night, while I was relaxing in my back garden with a drink, I decided to see if my friend was telling the truth. So I began whistling. It wasn't a tune as such but I had fun. Then I felt a cold chill going down my spine and had an sudden feeling to go back inside.

I no longer whistle at night... but they do. And they haven't stopped since.

Story is told by Gary Matrix

Gary Matrix

That would scare me.

steyt pufft man

I hear whistling when no ones in the area day or night I can relate

Gary Matrix

Thank you

Ghost girl 78

Wow now I'm going to try it thank You! Also good story I liked it