It was just like any day out on the farm but maybe today was more different than it seemed.

I was milking our old cow bess when the storm clouds started moving in, so i locked up the barn and got in side my self to find my parents weren't home i searched evey place high to low but i couldn't find a trace of where they went. I just figured maybe they went to town and would be back soon... I took a nap to wait ot the storm wakeing to the screeching of the wind at the time it was pitch black outside from the clouds covering the sky so i couldn't see anything out from my window at the second floor. A ghastly sound occurred when something pounded on the door i thougt it could be my parents so i went downstairs but before i could even make 4steps they pounded on the door even harder this time sending vibrations throughout the floor boards knocking pictures of table's and desks and it followed by yelling "Let me in!" I tried to go back up stairs but a long slender black figure was standing behind me with a smile as wide as an arrow pointing directly at me.

Now i might make a sequel to finish it off if you like it because i Don't wanna get to deep and then get totally destroyed in the process

Story is told by Horribly horrible