Trigger Warning: Universal thoughts. Questioning everything. Sudden thoughts of Deja Vu and sudden empty-headedness.

Jamais Vu, is the opposite of Deja Vu.

Deja Vu, is the reoccurring of events or days.

Jamais Vu, is when you experience something you recognize, but are unfamiliar with.

Kindness and Love.

Happiness and Joy.

Sorrow and Despair.

Anxiety and Depression.


It's deafening.

We, as human beings, are so selfish.

We feel lust. We want love. We want kindness and we just absolutely need to be kept happy.

But what about the Reoccurring?

They will never experience that, becayse they give it to us.

Do not sign their contract, they drain you of your life.

They will allow you to live your bliss.


And over,

And over,


Deja Vu.

And they take.

And take.

And never give back.

Jamais Vu.

Learn to give back and not want bliss. Because you lust for selfishness.

The Reoccurring.

That's just it, they are always there.

Because there is a conspiracy theory, that isn't a theory at all.

Only one person exists, and everyone else is a fiction of their imagination.

As figment, we are the Reoccurring, we give someone the Deja Vu, to feel their joy and agony. It is our euphoria.

We suck he life our of The One, and wait for another.

We are the Jamais Vu.

And we are always here.

And you will not, escape our vision.

For it is most definitely not your imagination.
The Brighter The Light
The Darker The Night

Story is told by Cat And Kai Projects

Long John

What just happened in my head.... Its like my brain committed Seppuku while jumping off a building

Crow Ari