This is a work of collaboration with Black Cat.
Note: Typo in the title, this is part four.
I highly recommend reading the first three parts.
Trigger Warnings : Whatever catches your gag reflex.
"Oh, but I did, Nina, I asked this; "Why are you scared ?'" He shrugs. "Be careful of what you want to hear, and what is actually said."

"What the hell man?" Leo speaks up. "We didn't do anything, we're young, and we're dumb, this was supposed to be our night. OUR NIGHT!" He sobs.

"I'm sorry, Leo, but that's not the right answer." Luke raises his hand.

"Wait!" I tug at Luke's arm, his glare quickly returns to me. "He's just scared of loosing the night, please!" I swallow the lump in my throat, trying not to let my voice crack.

"Are you scared?" He asks, eyes unmoving.

I slowly take my hand off his arm and back away. "Yes."

Luke takes a step closer. "Why are you scared, Nina?"

I look down, memorizing the scratches on the floorboards.

"Girl." His voice, once again, becomes many. "Why are you scared."

I finally gain the courage to look back up. "I'm scared because no matter what happens, everytime Leo closes his eyes when I leaves here, he'll see Carly." I take a step foward.

"Carly, who he was going to take to homecoming. And he's going to see Steven, who just got accepted to Uni by his baseball scholarship."

I take another step foward. Luke respectfully moves away. "He will see Dana as well, his little cousin who begged to come tonight."

"So, will you not be leaving here?" Luke questions, shadows creeping towards us.

Another step foward.

"I'm not finished." I say, voice becoming harder. "I'm scared that when Leo steps out there into the sunlight, he will remember this, that none of our friends will be there. He will close his eyes and everytime he does, it will be faded to black. Because we're not going to be there."

Luke's lips curl into a hard sneer. "And where, exactly, will you be?"


And with that, I walked past him. I walked past Leo, who turned to the open door with empty eyes, towards the dawn.

I stopped as Luke extended his arm, "Shall we, then?" He gestured towards the dark hall.

I stare at him, for a silent moment.

And then I walk, to the Rodney's, and to my friends, and to the missing kids and drunkards.

"I think I've got it." I say, before the looming shadows blind me.
Remember, a light never works.

Story is told by RainyKai

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