"I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it...I can do it." She kept saying.
She wanted to look pretty, she was tired of getting bullied, she wanted to get rid of her dark skin color. She wanted to be reborn as a pretty white girl, but little did she know, it wasn't worth it.

It all started one day when she received a text from her best friend, it read: - I don't think I can be friends with you anymore, the "cool girls group" accepted me and now I'm with them. They said you're too ugly to be my friend, and I agree with them. You're really ugly, you have big eyes, ugly hair, fat lips, a fat face, fat legs, AND small hands. Please don't talk to me anymore. -
She couldn't believe it, her own best friend betrayed her. She lost trust in everyone, she tried to put on much makeup as possible, she tried to become skinny, she starved herself for days.
But she never succeeded, her skin was too dark. She couldn't do it anymore. She eventually died of suicide and nobody even knew it until a few months. She's now a spirit, but she's not in peace. She kills anyone that is more beautiful than her.

(Ew I'm so sorry I only made this cause I was bored, this isn't even scary omghsjdhrjd)

Story is told by CreepyAbby

Gacha Spooky

I was relatively scared!


To all the girls that think that the are ugly... the \"cool\" girls are really the ugly ones. They are bullies and snobs. You are truly the pretty one. You have character and that's all that matters, because at the end of the day how does looks help you? So f*** all of those brats and start loving yourself.


I agree with Sshachi because it gives people a real understanding about what is going on and all the bullies do it for many reasons like problems they have or simply to make people feel worker than them. Now you mainly see people doing it for popularity or a \"rep\".
Overall wonderful story


Though it's not scary but it portrays the reality of today's generation. I'm not saying that every one bully others but there are always some people who bully others because they are ugly or are not rich or the person is emo or if the person is fat. I think the person who bully others r themselves ugly and we should never be friends with them. The bullies may think that they are \"cool\" but we all know that how \"cool\" in reality they are. Btw it's a nice story. Keep it up.