A normal day.. For some people.
A normal day.. For random hikers.
A normal day.. For random workers.

A bad day.. For random burglars
A bad day.. For random murders.
A bad day.. For anyone dead now.

Jayson was walking down the dead, empty streets. Trash covered most of the grounding and the wind blew as fast as the sea vibrating against the sand. Passing a bakery, he were in shock. It were a normal day for some people
A normal day for random hickers.
Not a normal day for random workers.

Jayson was walking down the full, irritating roads. No trash covered anywhere on the grounding. The wind blew normal with a nice, cold breeze.
Passing a bakery, he weren't really surprised. It were a victory, but bad day for burglars. A bad day for threats by murders.
A bad day... For anyone dead now.

Jayson tried to get involved and stop the mysterious crime happening in day.
It was a bad day for people dead now.
Jayson had met his death.
Sitting on a bench,
Jayson weren't in shock.
When he felt his throat closing.
His heart slowing down.
His blood pouring out.
He'd met his death.

Walking messed up, Jayson stopped.
Jayson looked up.
At his death coming down.
It was finally time.

Jayson walked down the road.
Everybody was dead.
Jayson were noticed.
A slice..

To his head.

Parents never named their son Jayson. Nor spell it as "Jason".
People were rich..
People cried blood.
People lived on Mars.
Breathing oxygen.
People never walking steers alone.
Unless they were crying blood.

Story is told by Jacob


Thanks and I don't know I just felt a bit like writing poems

Ghost girl 78

Confused bit still a good story hope Youtube write more and love the profile pic.