It was around 7 am when I woke up, it was a Saturday morning and I was getting ready to go pick up my friend from the airport.
When I arrived she was waiting for me at the exit, and she said in a rush:
- Don't answer the phone if someone calls you on the way back home, please. -
I just brushed it off as nothing though, I thought she was just pranking me.
When we were almost home, I got a phone call, I answered it, not remembering what my friend told me. I don't regret doing it though.
On the other end of the phone, there was a young voice of a 10-12 year old girl, who softly said:
- Your friend warned you, but I still want you: Don't tell anyone about me, or try warning anybody about me, I'll find you if you do. Look behind you, is your friend scared? Don't tell her what I told you. NEVER save my number, I will always call you with different numbers. I will only tell you who I am if you follow all the rules I tell you everytime I call you, it can be anytime, but if you don't answer, something bad is going to happen. -
She hung up, I tried to act all normal with my friend, like nothing happened at all, but I knew what the girl told me: if I followed her rules I would get to know who she is. I was curious now. I always waited for her to call me, she ended up calling me everyday at 11:43 pm, she will give me tasks to do and I would do them, they were really easy ones like: "draw a dolphin" or "drink orange juice and say 'tea' 4 times" and each time if I did them right, she would tell me a little bit about herself.
Here's what I got to know so far about this girl: she's from Sweden, she's 13 (huh, she's just my age) and she has a little brother named Joshua.
I don't know why she keeps calling me though, and what she means by "but I still want you", like what is she going to do with me? She was creepy but calm at the same time, she would wait for me to finish the tasks and wouldn't give me a limited time so I could finish them calmly and without hurrying. Each time she called, she would sound a little bit more calm than the last time, which made me feel a little bit more comfortable. One day I eventually found out that her name is Jessica. She told me that she was doing this because my sister apparently killed her mom and dad. I didn't believe it at first but then she told me she would show me a photo of the news that got banned not too long ago, before I was born though. My sister is older than me, so she would know why it got banned, but since it was about her I'm not sure if she will tell me. Jessica told me that it got banned because my parents paid the government 173376,8226$ to take her off the news, so it got banned from everywhere, and whoever would talk about it would get arrested. I was surprised, why would my sister kill a girl's innocent parents? but at the same time I would get to see Jessica for the first time ever. She told me to meet her behind the airport where she met my friend. I agreed.
We met up, she looked like she hadn't eaten for days, so I offered to buy her some food, and then we sat down and talked for hours. She showed me the newspapers and explained me why she wanted me: what she meant by that was that she wanted to inform me about the dark secret about my family and wanted to be friends with me. I told her I would love to.

Now we are best friends, and we go to the same school, we travel the world together and have fun together.

☁: This was based on "The truth untold" by BTS. The lyrics
- 'you know that I can't show you me, give you me' is based on Jessica, who tries to hide from "me".
- 'but I still want you' is based on what Jessica tells "me" on the call.
- 'how could you tell me' is "me" being surprised at Jessica for telling me that my OWN sister killed her parents.
- 'im so afraid' is Jessica being scared to show herself.

Story is told by CreepyAbby






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