It's late at night and I wanted to walk out cause I don't have anything to do. As I went out the door and locked everything up I went to the park it's a peaceful night cold air hitting my face ,sound of the wind. I sigh of relief and smiled as I walk slowly admiring the starts. I stoped walking for a moment cause I've heard footsteps behind me thinking someone was just passing by but.... they stop once I've stop. I looked behind me and saw a lady..... long brown messy hair, cuts on her face , one eye dangling around, really skinny and she's wearing a blue dress. I was shacked and scared it screamed at me and started to run at me I snapped out of it and run for my life. It was screaming and moaning in pain and she's so fast my adrenaline kicked in as I run. Then she fell and I heard something she said.... "pleas.... help m-me they c-coming" then I saw it there's a lot of people wearing a white looking dress with mask on.... they're all surrounding me. I stood up but got knocked down.

A guy named James went missing for a year and found his dismembered body scattered in the park.

Story is told by THE NIGHT WATCHER


It was soo scary