Lambert sat at his desk, his head buried in his hands. He felt like pulling his hair out at this point. He didn't even notice the knocking on his door the first three times.

When he snapped to, he was very irritated. "For gods sake, just leave me be!" He shouted through the door.

He had locked it regardless but the noise...
The noise made his headache so much worse. This headache he couldn't explain.
He opened the window to let some air in, and reflected.

It had all started a week prior. Lambert Mudley was a private eye. He had been hired to investigate a string of deaths in a small radius. They had been day after day, but the police had ruled them all suicides.

One citizen, Monica, last name withheld, believed they were not merely people taking their lives. The day she hired him though, she was found hanging from a noose made from a belt.

Lambert had decided there must be someone forcing these people into assisted suicide. But who? None of these people had any connection to each other.

Day after day, Mudley returned home empty handed. His teenage daughter Aaliya always reassured him things would get better.

Then one night, he came home and saw a figure on his roof. It was too late to do anything however. His neighbor of 15 years jumped. *Knock*

"Have you tried asking mom?" Aaliya said.

"Sweetie, I've prayed, believe me." Her dad replied. She shook her head. "I meant, talking to the dead."

She went on to explain that all the deaths were above former burial grounds. Her classmate had told her that some spirits trick you into the afterlife. *Knock*

"Hun. Don't be silly. Ghosts aren't real." That was the last thing he said to her. Before he found an open window that night.... *KNOCK*

Mudley snapped to. "GODDAMIT STOP KNOCKING!" He screamed. He went to unlock the door, only to have someone kick it in.

He fell back onto the floor. "DAD??" His daughter ran in accompanied by several police. She fell to her knees crying at the .window.

Lambert got up and walked over. "Sweetie I'm right he...." His eyes grew in horror when he realized why she was crying.

His body lay crumpled on a smashed car on the street below. A victim of suicide.
He remembered trying to communicate with the dead from his desk. Seeing his wife, beckoning for him to embrace her.

He remembered telling his daughter to wait on hold while he did so. And as she screamed his name on the phone... He walked over to the window.

Story is told by 100Masks

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Oi mask, i got a story idea!
Write about a guy who was supposed to have died in a freak fire, but escaped and changed his identity and shiz, and became a detective. He was assigned a case soon after: the case if his own death


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