I never really thought i would ever have to type this. I prefer to use paper or notebooks. Anyways i am stuck in this hospital let me just start from the beginning. Hi my name is Jennifer but i go by Jenn for short. I am 25 and having my first child my husband is an active service member and is away. So meanwhile i await his arrival we wait for the arrival of our first child. I was supposed to be due by the 27th of October but, i guess due to stress and what not. They took me in for observation it's the 12th of October i am a bit nervous. As far as i can tell we were going to have a healthy baby boy. Atleast that's what the doctors told me. It seems like after each ultra sound more doctors appear scratching their heads some have accents i never even heard of before. So to calm my nerves my youngest sister gave me her laptop. For silly games i gusss to distract me . I don't care for them so i am using it as place to gather my thoughts. So along with morning sickness is which is common i came down with an odd symptom. I get these horrid vivid images of chaos , death and carnage like i wake up shaking and hungry. When these night terrors occur i told my nurse. All she does is shrug her shoulders and blame the hospital food or the lighting in the room then she opens the blinds and leaves. Anyways the doctors are coming back i am going to get off for now. It's now october 15th it has been 3 days since i last was on this. My sister forgot the charger so it sort of been dead. These few days have been pretty odd. For one the doctors now believe i might be having conjoined twins. They say that the ultra sounds are being odd showing 2 babies instead of one. Which is odd since every time i seen the ultrasound it was always 1 baby i saw. The night Terrors have gotten a bit worse. I had an ivy drip in my hand because the hospital water. Had this awful after taste so they decided to hook me up to keep me hydrated. Anyways i guess in my sleep i tugged it out and woke up with a small puddle of blood. On my left side i freaked out and thought that i miscarriaged. So far i just been drinking bottled water. I am exhausted but i won't be gone for long i have the charger now. Well see ya later my silent friend. It's now october the 17th. I got pretty sick last we spoke , but i am better now. I got some very bad news. On the 16th my husband isn't coming home. Let me explain so this man came into my room. All well dressed in his military uniform. His torso was adorned with all kinds of medals. He had a straight face and held a folded American flag in his hands. He said " mam i am here to inform you that husband was killed in a line of action. I want you to know that we will take care of everything regarding burial and funeral cost as well as some of your medical bills. Again i am sorry for your loss witnin this folded flag is your husband's wedding band and dog tags." He handed them to me then left that whole night i cried. I felt as though part of my world had been taken from me. My family tried their best to comfort me , but i just wanted to be alone with my soon to be born child. I felt as though only he felt what anguish i did. Even right now as i type this i can't see right due to the tears in my eyes. At least in 5 days my son will be here. I am sorry i need go get some air i will be once i calmed down. It's now october the 20th and i have been induced into labor due to contractions i have been having. The baby is fine i forgot to mention his name. Its going to Aiden it's my favorite name. For now i am waiting on the medical staff to clear me for Aiden's birth. So this will brief. I will be back with more information on Aiden's arrival. It's now october the 21st Aiden is doing really fine. He looks almost identical to his father. He has the same dark brown amber eyes and black hair. As i held Aiden a janitor passed by my door and saw him too. The janitor said " such a sweet fragile being one day he will make the world so silent. That you can hear the angels scream." That remarked disturbed me. After i gave description of the janitor the whole hospital staff denied ever seen that janitor. This just made me really uneasy. As i held Aiden i felt complete once again. Despite my husband's untimely passing At least i have a tiny bit of him still. A pure , innocent , being of our creation. As look into his eyes i find it odd that i never noticed this before. The Vicious Cycle of life. We are born , we grow , we live then we die , but in between all that is what truly matters. You only have 1 life you must cherish it and live it the way you want. It's now January 17 it's been 5 years since we last spoke. Aiden is the anti christ and i am his mother. I don't care as to what the world has to say. That's my boy i will fight tooth and nail to make sure he does what he came to do. So what if he brings the end of world. A mother's love is stronger than any bond out there. Wether it be god , man or machine. I will see to it that Aiden succeeds. Besides i lost who truly loved long ago it's time for the world to feel my pain. I always like to look back on these notes i took. It reminds me of who i was before i lost him. I miss that old Jenn sometimes. As i look back on it now maybe it was the loss of my husband that pushed me over the edge. Maybe my maternal instincts kicked in and sort of changed Aiden while he was in my womb. Will it be good for humanity? Do i care at this point? Is there a chance at redemption? Who knows all i know is this that Aiden is my child i will proctect him. No matter at the cost.

Story is told by insomnia's victim