This incident took place on 30th March,2019. My dad got transfer and we moved to a new place. We reached the place late at night (approx 1am) and we all were really tired so my dad started looking for hotels/motels/lodge but couldn't find anything because every place was already booked.

Then our driver told us about a lodge which looked kinda deserted and gloomy. At the reception of the lodge, the man told us that there is a room on 2nd floor but it's not in good condition. It was extremely cold outside and also it was raining so we agreed.

In the middle of the room there was a huge master bed and next to it was a small sofa. There was also a cupboard next to the master bed but we didn't touched it.

My parents and brother were really tired so they slept on the bed and I laid down on the sofa while listening to music. Suddenly I noticed red colour of dots on the cupboard. I checked the time of my mobile and it was 2:43 am, I thought that it can be blood and told my dad in the morning about the red dots. My dad said that I'm over thinking but my brother decides to check the cupboard. As soon as the cupboard was opened - letters,bits and files came tumbling down the ground. There were so many photos. Then suddenly we see something written in red colour inside the cupboard. The thing which was written there is this :- " Hello my name is Neha and I'm about to die here along with my mom and maid(9.12.2002)" The writing gave us severe chills. I totally became numb and speechless.

Then my dad went to lodge owner and asked him to explain all this. The lodge owner started crying saying she was his niece and they all used to live on 2nd floor. One night when he was away, robbers invaded the place and took away all the jewellery and cash and also raped his niece, aunty and maid and murdered them and the thing written in cupboard is written from her blood, not with crayons or red colour.

Even though it is not a ghost story,it is damn sickening and traumatizing. I wish those robbers die the worst death possible and never live a happy life.

I hope that the departed souls rest in piece.

Story is told by Sshachi



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Good story i liked it alot!