I finally escaped his eyes and hid in my bedroom. Nick was roaming around in the living room that was connected to the hallway of my bedroom,he walked in the hallway and i could hear his heavy footsteps coming towards the bedroom.
I leaned against the door and wiped my tears.My clothes were torn and my hair was wide open.
Suddenly Nick banged on the door and i gulped. He heard me and slammed his shoulder on the door,trying to open it.

I tried my best to keep it shut but he was just too strong.

He barged in and grabbed my hands
He threw me on the bed and tightly held my hands back on the bed.
His body was fully on my body
He forcefully separated my legs

Before he could do anything else,i pushed him off my body as soon as he forgot about my hands
I ran to the open window
Nick followed me and tried to stop me but he was too late
I jumped off and landed on my head
My forehead was bleeding but then i woke up after a few seconds and stood up
Nick jumped from the window and landed on his foot
He smiled at me and came close to me
He sniffed my blood on my forehead and than licked it
I looked at his reflection on the car window

He was not a human

It was a

Chapter 3

Story is told by Shayashta Stallone