There was this abondened building very run down it was permitted that no one should enter but me and my friend being the dumbasses we were we entered the building I remember my mom telling that a monster lives in that building but I never believed her until that night

Soon after entering the building the doors behind us shut we thought it was the wind we found the whole interior looking brand new like someone was cleaning the building regularly but there was a bad smell like decomposing bodies we went into a whole that led underground it was huge the whole had bloodstains in it

We then hear a whisper say
"You shouldn't have entered"
Me and my friend were shaken a bit scared until we felt breathing on our necks we turn around to this tall black figure with white holes as eyes and red gupe on it's hands we ran but my friend got caught I grab a pipe on the floor and beat it in the head we ran for the exit after that police were outside including the F.B.I after they went in I asked my mom why are the cops here she said
"That's no human that's blackie "

I went pale cause blackie was a demon with incredible strength and he feasted on humans every 10 years and I just beat it in the head with a pipe

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ