Five years back a adopted a dog from an isolated road,I found him Innocent,cute and homeless.He was wearing a ugly and dirty black ribbon on his collar.Well I have had to struggle a lot for my parents agreement to keep him at home.Finally they agreed,but they hated him a lot because whenever we tried to remove that filthy ribbon from his collar,he started to bark aggressively,so we gave up and decided not to remove the ribbon.Well it was the time when I was trying to decide the name of the dog,I asked one of my friend to suggest the name,he instead told me about a priest who gives the most suitable name to anyone according to their looks, personalities,etc.I talked about my parents to call that priest,but they didn't agreed.I gave up in front of them and went to bed frowning.As soon a dozen off,the dog came to me(I was sleeping,so had no idea what happened). After sometime I woke up and found blood everywhere,I saw that filthy ribbon lying on the floor and dog's body and his head was detached from each other.I was terrified.I screamed loudly,my parents came,but I also woke up my neighbors.They started gathering around my house.All were ery curious to know what happened, inside my room my parents were thrilled,so my mom was a sensitive case,she fainted.Dad called the police,while one person from the crowd outside our house,came inside,he was none other but that naming priest.
He saw the scene.
"He was a devil"he said looking at the ribbon.
"Now something bad would happen."he mumbled.
From that day I never looked at any dog.

Story is told by shookaspook

Shayashta Stallone

Its a great one..loved it👀