Annie:Lia,I'm scared.someone's outside.and they're calling my name.
Lia:does it sound like me and Jane?
Annie:yes and that's why I'm scared.what are you guys doing?
Jane:that's not us.its our doubles.Do Not Go Outside.
Annie:guys it isn't funny.
Lia:please listen.its not us.
Annie:I'm calling!

Anne calls.ringing comes from the closet.

Anne:guys...why are you in my closet...
Lia:we told you there were doubles...

Story is told by Black Cat

Black Cat

Mabel....he told me u died.

Long John

Please respond back cat I'm begging u

Long John

Cat its Mabel again do u know where john is I can't get ahold of him and there's a guy that was talking about letting John die and I'm starting to get scared please if you know where he might be tell me!!!!

Long John

Cat!!!! It's mabelllll!!!! John left his username and password for this app by the phone so it's mine for the night!!!! Hit me up on the chat if you wanna catch up girl!!!!

Long John

Yo.... It's me again. Can we talk?

Black Cat



Not bad

Crow Ari