Have you ever wondered if you're being watched or followed or worse?
Sometimes its best to never go and get to know about these things
I did and now im never alone

Its here
Watching me write this

It all started when i was fourteen years old. I attend Red Rose High where all students are like crazy ****..

One day i arrived really early at school and went in my empty classroom
There was no one else except me and my music.

Suddenly i heard a bang on the desk next to mine. I moved away and thought that someone was playing pranks on me
"Oh its not funny"i did say
All i got was a sensitive perfume smell that made me say this
"I love this perfume "

After that my life started to feel uncomfortable
I felt like i was been watched and soon i realized it for real
I was up all night like my neck was paining and i couldn't sleep
That night i saw a shadow near my bed staring right at me
That shadow started occuring everytime wherever i am or whatever i do

I asked a priest to help and he said
"Dear.. that soul has attached itself with you. You said that you loved the perfume. That soul now thinks to take you with it.."

That was all i could hear from him because the soul slaughtered him before i could ask for something else

Its been years since im still

Perhaps its gud to be never alone👣

Story is told by Shayashta Stallone