As I open the door I gasp with horror on my face. My whole family was hanged by ropes on there necks and there stomachs gutted out with human like teeth marks in them. I ran out of the room to the front door and kept running no matter what was in my way. By that time all the men in the field have gone somwhere. I ran
the clif of to where I am about to jump when something or someone hugs me from behind. It was my OLDER BROTHER! How did you escape those creatures or maniacs? I ask. He said that he came home late to find the secret door open. He ran to the clif because he had a feeling that I was still alive. (Also I didn't tell you my name before my name is juliana) Juliana, he says. Uhm Happy Birthday. I total forgot that it was our Birthday. We took a selfie right at the clif when oh no! I lose my footing and I fall to my death. And left my brother standing there wondering why is life so cruel. Not all stories have happy endings.

Story is told by Ghost girl 78


Kinda sad but it's really awesome


No happy ending 😭 but still good

Walter White

Im was 10 minutes late,i won't be late anymore

Walter White

Can you come back, im only 2 min late

Walter White

Oey im all alone,come to chat fast

Ghost girl 78

Hey do you guys want an lengend about the man in the field?