This is a true story and frankly it scares me mind you this only happened two days ago. Okay so I'll try to keep this kinda short. I lived in this one house for the first eleven and a half years of my life we moved out in 2016 and after we moved out we didn't sell the house because we were still working things out my brother ended up moving back in to the house only to move back in with my parents he did that a couple of times but the last time he lived there was the time he realized he never wants to live there again. So let me give you a background story I grew up in a bad neighborhood a lot of thieft and fights and it only got worse after we left whenever my brother lived there the second to last time the house got broken into while he was at work and his expensive Bluetooth speakers and an AC unit got stolen we fixed up the damages replaced the AC unit and Bluetooth speakers and my brother moved back in with my parents then he moved back in to our old house because his friend needed a place to stay for awhile he's had roommates before but this was different one of his roommates I'll name him chase obviously for privacy reasons chase was his best friend and also a band member of a band they put together and my brother knew him well the other roommate on the other hand I'll name her Beth he didn't know Beth at all chase met her at a bar they were playing Beth had a key to the house and weirdly enough chase didn't a little while after maybe a couple of months chase and Beth moved out and soon after so did my brother he moved back in with my parents he left a lot of food out on the couches and the tables (because he's Gross) so my mom my sister and I went to go clean it up and we were in the middle of cleaning when we found a whole bunch of expensive things like a laptop a tablet lots of Xbox games these things were left behind by chase and Beth they left almost everything behind Beth even left her puppy with us anyway we were pretty much finished up so we locked everything up and went home about a week later my mom remembered that she left a load of laundry in the washer and wanted to check up on it so we went back to the house only this time it was my mom my brother and I that went while we were putting the key in the keyhole it sounded like glass shattering and when we got in the house it looked like an earthquake had happened the couch was separated everything was on the floor there were even cigarettes that were on the coffee table that weren't there before and the cleaning job we did was gone everything was messed up again only the weird thing is is that there is a wooden door separating the living room from the kitchen/dining room when it wasn't being used you could just slide it into the wall. Well the door broken and didn't properly slide in and out so we never really use it anymore but it was slid out and jammed there were a couple of space heaters that were plugged in and the mattresses we put up were down and had sheets and blankets on them which means someone was squatting there all the stuff was gone the Xbox games the tablet the laptop more Bluetooth speakers everything that was expensive was gone we thought it might have been Beth because all the stuff that was gone was hers but when we went in the backroom the plexiglass that used to be in the back door was on the ground and in pieces it's popped out before cause it wasn't properly in but it's never been on the floor and it would need a lot of force only a couple of people knew about that but no one that we knew would do something like that and it kinda looked like someone tried to get in or out in a hurry. my mom asked my brother if he could text chase and Beth and ask if they did it but they both said they didn't do it me and my mom think it's the neighbors because they're the ones that stole the AC unit and the Bluetooth speakers in the first place and she's planning on selling the house that a co-worker it's a fixer upper but people could live in it. I think the scariest thought running through my mind right now is what if that person that was squatting there left just as we were walking through the door

Story is told by dark_wolf


Thanks by the way I wasn't joking this actually happened to me it's scary what people do these days