As I stand here watching over family and friends I regret my decision. My poor choices caused my death, and eventually tore my family apart. As I stand here watching my OWN family and friends leaving MY funeral. I know what you are thinking. No I was not murdered. I committed suicide.

Two months earlier...
I wake up at 2:56 AM to hear my parents fighting again. My dad (for the fifth time this week) went out drinking. I put my pillow over my face to block out the noise, and then my dad slams my door open. I am shaking, scared for what's next. He tells me to get out of my bed so we can talk, but I refuse. I regretted that immediately.
I was getting ready for school the next day, and I looked up at the mirror to find that I had a huge bruise across my face. I winced as I lightly touched it.
I embraced myself as I walked into school. I know that I was going to get attacked and pestered, but I could have never guessed that it would be this bad.
After a whole day of torture I went home and started my home-work. Then my dad got home. Looks like more fun for me.

Two days later...
Text chain between Jessica and me

Jessica: you dirty ****

Jessica: i thought we were friends

Me: wtf are you talking about???

Jessica: u and jake

Me: ??

Me: we talked for five mins

Jessica: idc i thought u were better than that

Jessica: ur gonna regret being born

Phone system: Jessica Simmons has been blocked.

I lay down on my bed trying not to cry. I pull the knife out my night stand next to me. I do something I knew I shouldn't.
Cutting once every few weeks turned into every few days to every few hours to now, where I can't stop cutting. This days led to my death.
Soon after cutting wasn't enough. It had to hurt- a lot. So one day I got a single edge razor blade and cut a little too deep. Deep enough where I never woke up again.

Story is told by CrazyPerson123

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