Adam:I don't like this why do you always make me do dumb things

Jake:come on well just go in and come out it'll be quick

Adam:I'm not going into some abondened mansion filled with demons why don't you go

Jake:quit being suck a b#tch I bet it's no even haunted

Adam:fine but you owe me if we don't come back

Jake:alright let's go

1 hour later

Adam:man it's so dark ahh something touched me

Jake:it's probably just a rat

Adam:maybe hurry up and give me the flashlight

Jake:here you go

Adam:thanks now what was touching me

100s if dead corpses

Adam and Jake:AHHHHHH!

Adam gets dragged away well Jake gets grabbed by a corpse and teared apart well screaming

Adam some how is still alive

Adam:f#ck,why did I listen to him ahhh what do I do


comment part 2 if you want part 2

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


That's okay I'm used to seeing my sisters spelling so I Know what you're trying to say


Sorry of the spelling if you see if it means of cause I'm using a small phone so beare with me