There once was a girl named Lizzy, she was very happy and loved animals very dearly. One day, she saw this cat in the middle of the road. She went after it.... Her father screamed, "LIZZY NO!!" She died 2 hours after going into the hospital. A minivan hit her when she went to pick up the cat. At the funeral her father and mother cried alot. An old man was there. He taught Lizzy's father in Harvard University. He said, "Go to Pet Semetary. You can bring Lizzy back. But, there is one thing. She won't come back as the same happy cheerful girl she used to be. Sometimes being dead is better." He went to this Pet Semetary. He saw some kids wearing raccoon masks and pounding on drums like if there was some sort of ritaul going on at the moment. He found Lizzy's grave. He dug it up and left the ground open and then walked away. When he was driving home he saw this dog. It had bloody teeth and skin peeling off. He tried to drive away but his car broke down. The dog had a girl crawling out of it's intestines. It was Lizzy.... She looked at her father with her grayish skin peeling off of her face. Her hair looked like straw that you would see in a barn for a horse to eat for it's daily meal. She giggle and grabbed the dog's tail and neck. She used the dog's body as a jump rope. And behind her were other children with raccoon masks on. "Sometimes being dead is better Daddy." Then, her father died right there. The police report said that his body was found in a horse's corpse/body.

This is based off of the new movie Pet Semetary coming out on April 5th 2019, I made it all up just to make it scary and much MORE gory!!

Sweet dreams my little unicorns🦄🦄🦄

Story is told by Kawaiiunicorn🦄🦄🦄


If yoy do not like my story I HIGHLY respect your opinion and just let me know what I can do to improve it for my future stories. Thanks.



Kind of scary☠☠☠

Black Cat

I've seen the movie.its not scary.


*Jared Padalecki's voice* I'like!


This reminded me if the Movie Pet semetary that I saw it came out in the 90s


That was actually pretty good. Nice job!