My whole childhood I haven't had any friends, I was the loner who always gets bullied and receives harsh words and treatment for no reason, my presence only makes others cringe in disgust and glare with hate at me...
I was already used to it, it's been like this ever since I was 3 years old, but this year is different
Now I am 14 years old and I met someone new, somebody who understands me, who didn't judge me but instead supported me and comforted me whenever I needed it...

"You poor poor thing..." my dear friend whispered to me in a calming manner
"You have such a miserable life..." they said in a soft sad voice "I do?..." I asked them and they nodded
"Yes you do! No one loves one cares about you... no one wants you... they all want you dead... but don't worry I am here for you, and ready to make you feel better" they wrapped their cold dark arms around me in a warm loving embrace.
They always do this, whisper things to me about my pathetic self and terrible life, remind me of all the pain I have been through, then they try to comfort me with hugs and cuddles, sometimes when I'm at my worse, they hand me a gift, a knife, or a bottle full of 'candies' which I knew it was poison somehow...

Anyways, with time, we grew closer and closer, our friendship bond pulled us tighter that we couldn't leave each other's sides, I agreed to them living with me, they were so happy and grateful

But ever since they moved here... strange things been happening...
I would wake up with blood coming out of my nose mouth and ears
And deep scratches going all the way up my legs and arms, but I didn't show any concern nor worry, it was normal.
Days followed by, and I started waking up messing a finger, I looked up to see my dear friend smiling at me widely with bloody sharp teeth "mornin sunshine, had a nice sleep?"

"Yes" I replayed
"tell won't ever leave me... would you?" They asked starring at me with hopeful eyes and I answered "of course I would never, you are my dear friend!"

The wide happy smile returned to their face and they pulled me in a tight hug
In a second a horribly unbearable pain shot through my whole body as if a knife was repeatedly stabbing my heart, I turned my head to find my dear friend eating my shoulder till all what's left is bones, then they turned back to me with blood dripping from their faces
I couldn't scream nor move, I didn't want to...
Like I was finally freed from my miserable life...
They kept chewing on my skin and ripping my muscles apart while I watched silently

The pain was killing that I didn't feel it anymore

I was finally happy

Me......." were the last words that left my lips as I weakly called for anyone to save me before the darkness took me.

Story is told by MoonFollower

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