Hey guys I am Mercedes, also the author of "Staying at your grandmother's house for 5 nights are more suspicious than you think" but I'm just on a different account. Now, I sorry to say it but I'm not gonna be continuing any of the stories I had started on that account. I also want to thank all of my supporters for supporting me with those stories 3 years ago. ANYWAY on with our story :)
"Mom I'm going out tonight" is what I told my mom before Ieft. She replid with an "okay" as I headed outside and got into my car...
My name is Stephanie Middle and I am seventeen years old...
I was driving to a restaurant to meet up with my friends, my bestie Olive, Stanley, Stanley's boyfriend, Nick and Alexandra.
Once I got into the restaurant, I saw all four of them in a booth chatting so I walked over and sat down. We all talked and catched up on what's new.
A little less than 15 minutes later, a tall guy wearing a hood over his face, walked over. Olive sprinted out of the booth, into his arms. Everyone smiled at them while my face was completely blank while I noticed that the man was looking at me... a minute past and she finally looked at us, took his hand, and said: "guys, this is my boyfriend, Gale".
After we all greeted Gale, they sat down in the booth with us... although, Gale acted strange... he didn't say much or even take off his hood...
That night, I fell asleep when my head hit my pillow...
At around midnight, I was woken up by the sound of vibration... and it was coming from my phone...
It was a text. "Who would be texting me at this time of night?" I thought. I picked up my phone... it was Gale...

Gale: hey

Me: how are you messaging me?

Gale: I found you on Facebook.

I wondered how he could possibly find me if he barely knew me... but I didn't bother.

Me: why are you messaging me at this time of night?

Gale: open your door.

Me: excuse me??

I suddenly heard loud knocking on my front door... my mother was at work at this time of night... I didn't know what to do.

Gale: I SAID open the f*cking door Stephanie!!

The knocking grew louder and I started to shake

Me: No!!!!!


to be continued...

Story is told by mercedes_