So im back with the 4th revenge and this revenge idea came from MoonFollower so here go's nothing this revenge may be kinda too much but it's worth the rest of the people will die
4th revenge
So this kid is Sam Sam Ik weird name but he is the one who took bullying to far so... Late at night he heard sounds in his house (it's me) the last thing he sees is me the last thing he hears is his own screams... so i take his phone and take a picture of him with his intestines riped out spread everywhere and wrote this may be you next and sent it to the other 21 people how Imma kill.

If ur reading this give meh an idea for a death and once again thx to MoonFollower for this idea

Story is told by zombie killer

nightmare girl

I need part 5

Vincent Gang

If it's a boy then you should make him think his crush likes him and make him go somewhere secluded and when he is by himself you should pop out and stab him in the eye


The next one should be where they push him in the boiler at School