(My first story, hopefully it will be good enough, please comment and tell me your opinion on it)
It is the beginning of the school year, I woke up and stretched out my arms with a yawn, then I rubbed my eyes and looked at my phone which is laying on the bed-table, 'where is she?' I thought...'what happened to her?' I asked myself again, concern and worry filling my heart as I thought of what could have possibly happened to her... and of course, these thoughts weren't very nice and happy ones.
My best friend Layla, traveled with her family to her grandparents' house to spend the last weeks of summer vacation there, and ever since, I didn't get one message from her, or her family. I run my hand in my hair feeling nervous, "Becca! Darling, hurry up! You don't want to be late for your first day of school!" My mom yelled, I guess I got nothing to do, I will go to school and hopefully see her there too...
{Time skip}
"L-layla..." the words escaped my lips in a soft whisper.
Stood in front of me Layla, but, she looked different from what I remember...her skin and hair tone is paler than usual, I don't care though I got my friend back and that what matters to me, I walked forward and enveloped her in a big warm hug, she felt strangely cold but hugged me back "I missed you!"
"I missed you too" she replayed with a monotone voice, something is definitely wrong...
"Layla what happened?" I asked her but she just shrugged "Nah it is nothing important come on! We will be late for class!" She took my hand and shot me a wide grin, that only made me feel uncomfortable and ...scared? Maybe I am just overreacting...nothing bad will happen
She is after all my best friend

Story is told by MoonFollower




Wow I love this. Like, at the beginning it makes you ask \"who?\" And then you read it to figure out the answer. Then once you find out you just wanna keep reading! This is amazing tbh!!!! ❤



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