Hi I'm back and today's revenge idea came from Passion so here goes nothing.
So the dude I'm getting revenge on today is Kayden Sam and he well he does make my life bad but not as bad as the other two so I'm just gonna embarrass him so he asks all cool and thinks he's the hottest guy in school and so he gonna get some notes from his mommy I just put the first one in his lunch box the note read (have a good day munchkin love, ur mumsie) his friends are all gathered around like they do everyday he opens his lunch box his friend grabs the note and reads it outloud now Kayden Sam his face is super red everyone turns around and yells "there's a mommy's boy in the school" the next note is well when he opens his math book its gonna fall out and I'm hopeing someone will grab it before he can and read it outloud ok so it's working someone just picked it up and now he's reading outloud he read " Miss you alot sweetpie make friends love mommy" everyone laughs and starts calling him a mommy's boy the next day at lunch every one says we don't want a mommy's boy sitting with us go sit at the outcast table so he walks over and asks of he can sit with us i tell him go ahead he sits in silence till i break the silence " karma is s wild animal that won't be caged" he looks mad " did u do that to me" i give him am evil stare "yep" he sadly says " guess I deserved this making ur live terrible I'm sorry" and once again say " I'll forgive u if u help me get revenge on the other 22 people who make my life terrible and before u ask me im gonna answer only maybe we could become friends.

Once again please please please give me ideas and thank you passion for the revenge idea

Story is told by zombie killer

zombie killer

Thx for the idea


Maybe make it a curse?
So all the 22 other people die terrible deaths