Hi I'm back and today I'm getting revenge on the second person who makes my life terrible and the revenge idea came from DEADBRAINS so here go's nothing rn I'm walking into a pet store. U might be asking y well I'm getting 10,000 cockroaches to put in bob Allen's (Samantha Allen's brother) I'm going to put all 10,000 cockroaches in his locker... Ik his locker combo so it won't take long
2 minutes later
I finished there's alot of people following him to his locker yes plans are working great he is opening his locker yes all the bugs are pouring out everyone ran away from him he is grossed out him self and ofc i made his sister help me by well getting his locker combo it's lunch time and No one wants to sit with him he's by himself in the class and at lunch now yes this is perfect this is what he gets. Few minutes later he comes over to where me and his sister were sitting and asked if he could sit next to us and he also apologise for making my life miserable. I told him i will forgive you on one condition he looks terrified and says "how" I tell him "u gotta do what I'm making ur sister do" looks at her then back at me and says "and what's that" I smile " help me get revenge on 23 other people" he says "ok" and asks if " we could be friends after" I once again say "maybe"

Once again plz give me revenge ideas for next part also thx again to DEADBRAINS for this revenge idea

Story is told by zombie killer

zombie killer

Thx for the idea


If the next one is a guy..you can put sticky notes on his books and bag which read the following messages:
\"Have a good day munchkin! Love mumsie! 😙
\"Miss you a lot sweetpie! Make friends!\" Love,

zombie killer

I'm making the next part when i wake up I'm hopeing someone will give meh an idea

zombie killer

Your welcome


Wow I didn't expect this it was better than wat I thought thnx for the shoitout