Every kid is afraid of their closet but damn mines worser

Oky when I was 12 I had a closet very big and very old every night I would wake up to scraping sounds and in the morning the closet would be open as far as I know I was the only kid who didn't share a room every night all I hear is scraping sounds till one night I woke up to something shaking me to wake up I thought it was my brother and I said
"Leave me alone you butt head"

But then I realized it wasn't my brother I turn around and all I see is two white eyes run back into the closet since this happened in 2014 I already had a phone so the next night I recorded everything the next morning when I check the recording it was a figure very skinny and very tall it then turns around slowly to my phone then all their is next is static since that night it hasn't bothered me

This is true still makes me scared of my closet

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


Hahaha why did you read it at night it makes no sense


Wow now I’m scared of my closet but great story if only I didn’t read this at night