When 15 year old Jamie smith was moving to his small town in Arizona it was pretty run down pretty mutch the only thing there was a Walmart and basic fast food restaurants. But one thing that he thinks is odd is there is a random Chuck e cheese it looks very run down and isn't even on the main road. When he gets too his house and gets every thing moved in he plays video games for a while but then he gets very bored so he decides to go out and explore the creepy Chuck e cheese. When he gets there no one is there and there was no employees anywhere insight so he decides to explore the back. All that was there was pizza ingredients and a oven. But he smells something really bad so he followes the smell that eventually leads to a big freezer when he goes inside he sees the most disturbing thing he has seen in his life.

Part 2 coming soon hope you liked part 1
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Story is told by jayden


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