I open my eyes, and for some reason it’s hard to. They feel like a burden. A burden I want to get rid of but I am unable to. I am at place that seems familiar yet so different. A place where you see the foolishness of the rich and kindness of the poor. I tried to scream but when I tried to open my mouth, I felt as if I was ripping my mouth open. I looked at my mouth, it took a minute for my eyes to adjust but once it did I was horrified. My mouth was sewn shut. I felt a knot tie in my stomach seeing my helpless self like this made me want to vomit my organs out. About an hour later I felt a bony hand touch my shoulder. it started talking to me in rhymes. “Hello, do you like this place, It stinks it’s dirty but most of all it’s got someone named lace, Who is lace you might ask, Well it’s me! And I’m here to do a task, I’ll get my life back for takings yours, But before I do, I want to torture you, let’s start with your toes, *SLICE*. *SLICE* I need you to learn I’m not nice, Oh, he wants me to finish you off, I wanted to torture you some more but oh well what a great loss. Yh I know it’s been a while but I’m back now so Yh, more stories coming and let me know if you like my poems better or both mixed in together

Story is told by mysterious mirror_x