Once there was a two girls Cory and Katie they both went to their grandmothers house now there was this creepy doll there grandma had and it always freaked out both the girls the dolls name was molly. At the sleepover Cory and Katie played games in there room but then they heard there grandmother scream they found the doll in there grandmothers room with a bloody knife and there grandmother dead it was only there grandpa that was the only grown up in the house now they were sad the next day because there grandmothers death then that night they found there grandpa dead and molly had a bloody knife the girls were scared they thought the doll was possessed killing there family members they dident know what todo they callled there parents but they were on a trip and would be back the next day . That night the girls heard somebody singing molly the Dolly’s combing for you your next haha they were freaked out and grabbed wooden barricades and put them on there bed locked the door and used a hammer to barricade the door . After they hid in there covers but they heard a song once more and then the wooden barricades some how broke in to and the door unlocked the girls screamed the next day the police decided to take a loook and inside the girls closet they saw something horrifying a doll with a bloody knife with Cory’s head on it while Katie’s body was headlesss after that a girl named Emily went into a toy store and bought the posssed molly doll with her. After that she wasent seen again some say she got killed bye the doll some day she got posssed bye the doll but that remains a secret

Story is told by mr chils