Hi... So I'm the ugliest girl in my school nobody likes me... I'm also the loneliest and was given the title "most likely to die alone with 4 cats in a cardboard box" I'm tired of being treated like I'm nothing so I'm gonna get revenge on the 25 people who make my life the worst in can possible be.

Revenge #1
Samantha allen, she beats me up everyday and steals my lunch money everyday I think it's about time for a little revenge so her most prized thing is well her hair so what do you think I'm gonna replace her shampoo ( for gym ) with super glue she will have to cut her hair really short Mabey even shave it lol
29 minutes later
Samantha screams "WHO REPLACED MY SHAMPOO FOR SUPER GLUE I BET IT WAS YOU BETH" her (beth) looks at her "well I'm not gonna lie it was not me but it is kinda funny" "ITS NOT FUNNY" screams Samantha I look at her and say "hey Samantha" she looks me dead in the eyes and says "GO AWAY RAT NO ONE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU EVER" I start to smile and say "ok then Gusse u don't want super glue remover" and leave the next day she comes to school with her head shaved no body wants to talk to her so turns around and asks me " hey can i sit here" I look at her "go ahead if you wanna sit with the one that did that to you" she looks pissed but then says "I deserve this I tortured you for years stole ur money punched u in the mouth etc. I'm sorry could u ever forgive me" i look at her with a serious face and say "u gotta help me get revenge on 24 other people then I'll forgive you" she looks at me "and maybe we could be friends" I tell her "maybe" and head home

Give me revenge ideas for next part and if i choose ur idea I'll say this idea is from ....... Who ever i got the idea from. Plzzzzz give me revenge ideas

Story is told by zombie killer

zombie killer

Thx for the idea


Maybe the next one should be where they fill his locker with cockroaches

zombie killer

I need revenge ideas


It was good