If u haven't read truth or dare pt1 2 or 3 u may be lost
---------------------------------------------------------------Dan and Jack rush over to sally and start applying pressure to her arm where it's cut to stop the bleeding. I start dialing 911. Sam and Jacob are the look outs and Bob is carrying her ( I totally ship Bob and sally) any way the cops thought it was a lie and hung up on me but we take sally to my house and I call 911 again some one else picks up the phone and sends help I told the group "cops are on the way along with docters" sally starts freaking out "no she's gonna kill me y did u call the evil people my mom always told me there evil and that they hate kids and that she's cheating on daddy oops I should not have said that plz don't tell her" i make a promise " we won't tell her and even better I'm not letting her anywhere near u ok" she replies with an excited "OK thx u guys are t-" She passed out cops knock I run as fast as I can to open the door and there here " she's over here um but don't let her mom anywhere near her plz her mom did this to her" the cops eyes light up in horror then... He picks her up right away and asks us to come with them so we do to keep the promise I made them as she's being carried out her father runs up and asks his daughter " who did this to you sweetie" she can barely talk but says "mommy" and passes out again Bob wakes her up..cuz she's not aloud to fall asleep yet her father(mr monty) rides along too we get to the hospital and my promise just became alot harder her mom is standing outside I tell the cops "thats her plz arrest her" they do the last thing she said before climbing into the cop car was "I should have killed u when i had the chance sally" she was sentenced to life in prison and her dad well for a divorce married a much nicer girl who actually took care of sally. Bob FINNALY grew a pair of ballz and asked her out -she said "yes" and ever one actually in are group is happy with there lives now we added sally to are group untill I had to move away i now live very far from them they all stoped texting them after I told them "I'm home alone but glass just broke" they got scared to even text even we I text them first I'm sad about that but I now found a new group and we are bouts to play truth or dare. But I told them "NO DARES TO DO WITH NEIGHBOR'S OR GOING OUT SIDE" and it went ok

Welp that's my story hope ya enjoyed

Story is told by zombie killer

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