I looked at him and thought "A Life for a Life, What does he mean by that?" Just being around this mysterious Figure My Body Froze in Fear, I Could barely breathe, I felt Like passing out as my vision began to Go blurry. he Looked at me Dead in the eyes one last time. He took a Deep breathe. Then he closed his eyes. He lifted his right Arm then extended it and Pointed to a Picture of My Deceased Brother. "Him." The mysterious Figure said as he opened his eyes. "What about him?" I asked nervously. "I will Give your brother back, But in return I Want Someone That Is Precious to you to Take his place in the after life."  The Mysterious Figure Said.

"I Can't." I Uttered under my breathe. The Mysterious Figure Drifted closer to me. "You don't have an Option, Choose now if You want your brother back." The Mysterious Figure Told me as He Glided to the left of me. "What if i don't Have anyone precious to me?" I asked As my voice cracked. "There has to be someone precious to you." He Declared. "Fine." I said. "I choose Myself." I Stated as I Moved Closer to the Mysterious Figure. "Why?" He asked as he tilted his head. "My Brother was Precious to me, Years ago I failed to Stop Him from taking His own life, I Remember I reached to the sky And called out His name and screamed out "Oh please let me trade, I regret Not being there for him." I said As I Held my head down. "Deal." The Mysterious Figure said.

I Looked at the Mysterious Figure as he raised his hand and A Swirling Vortex Of Black Fire Appeared out of nowhere. I saw my Deceased Brother Walk out of it. I couldn't believe my eyes I ran And Hugged him. He was Alive once again. "Time to Go." The Mysterious Figure Declared as he Looked at me. "Why Would you Trade your life for mine?" My Brother asked.

I Looked at My brother, I smiled and Said "A Life For A Life My Debt is repayed."

ATTENTION: This story belongs to a friend of Mine named It's me Mg. He gave me the Honor of Recreating His Story. Thank You Mg. Enjoy

Story is told by The REAPER

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