So i was dared to walk outside in nothing but my underwear and yell "i'm a good boy mommy" so that's were I'm at (note: it's winter time) I walk outside in my underwear and yell (I'M A GOOD BOY MOMMY) as I'm waking back inside i hear what sounds like a whip like the torture weapon and thought To my self we have To find out what's going on.....i walk back inside and tell my friends ok I'm done playing this i wanna find out what the heck is going on next door so we made a plan. I got dressed and we walked over there in a group and we knocked the wife answered I ask "hello mam may we please speak to ur daughter" she rudely says " I ain't got no daughter I got a maid tho" Bob looks at her "well can we speak to her" she once again in a rude tone "yeah I'm leaving for a d8 anyway u have till i get back then ur leaving" i say as nicely as possible " ok thank u mam" we walk in and find her shaking in the corner bloods gushing from her arm and she mumbles " help me"...

NOTE next part to this will be called
"Saving her"

Story is told by zombie killer