"I need an extra small condom" Bob said very quietly then the lady tells "Sally GRAB ONE OF UR DADS EXTRA SMALL CONDOMS FROM THE BEDROOM RIGHT NOW" sally replies "fine" and grabs one walks to the door and hands it to Bob(Bob likes her allot) when handed him the condom he noticed something, she has bruises and tons of them her left eye was bleeding her left arm looked liked it had hit with a hammer and her right pant leg was missing and her leg looked like it has been cut so bob asks "r u ok" sally quickly says "yes I am y wouldn't I be"
Bob replies "well it looks like-" the mother interrupted "well it looks like u should mind ur own dang business boy" and slams the door so Bob slowly walks back to my house and comes in and says in a loud whisper
"Somethings going on over there and Imma find out what but any way it's my turn Alex truth or dare" I say "dare" and he dares me too...

Story is told by zombie killer