Disclamer: If you haven't read part 1......... what are you doing here? Anyway onto the story.

As they came closer, and closer I remebered that the knife was still right next to me. So I picked it up and threw it at one of the men. He died in the most gruesome way posible. He first started to melt like he was burnt with fire, then he spatted out so blood from his mouth which drenched me, and finally he let out a scream so loud so bloodcurdling that you could here it from miles away. After all that happen everyone started doing the same thing. After that was over I still couldn't find my family. I looked inside the house until I got to the secret door that no one has ever opened. I said to myself should I open the door or I shouldn't open the door.

What should she pick open the door or not open the door you decide and we'll see in part 3.

Story is told by Ghost girl 78


Open the DOOR